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AASHIRVAAD RAGI FLOUR changes your daily general flour intake and replaces it with Superfood elements of nutrients and fibres.


Ragi Must-Reads

What is Ragi or Finger Millet? Nutrients, Benefits, Glycemic Index, Uses
Author: Ms. Afreen Sultana, Nutritionist

Ragi or finger millet is one of the most commonly consumed millets in India. This millet crop is easy to grow as it is not dependent on season and can be grown throughout the year and can be stored for longer periods and thus is a very farmer friendly crop. In India, it is widely grown in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.



Try out our healthy recipes below made with AASHIRVAAD RAGI FLOUR

Ragi Idli

Pack with your staple Idli diet the superfood benefits of Ragi flour. Enjoy it at any time of the day and keep your health at par.

Tindli Sabzi

Add Ragi dumplings to your Tindli sabzi to transform it into a superfood sabzi.

Paneer Cutlets

Mix crumbled paneer with Ragi cutlets to get that unique flavour which both tastes good and is healthy.

Other Variants

Give your daily diet a boost through our other variants of AASHIRVAAD NATURE'S SUPERFOODS

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