Key Benefits

Aashirvaad Aashirvaad Multi Millet Mix comes with the wholesome goodness
of all the vital millet grains combined so that you and your family can get the best of every meal!


Try out our healthy recipes below made with Aashirvaad MULTI MILLET MIX FLOUR

Stuffed Chilla

Prepare Chilla using Multi Millet Mix flour and fill it with your favourite vegetables for a healthy brunch

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Mint Khakra

Enjoy this crispy delight the healthy way by preparing it using Multi Millet Flour. Serve warm or cool along with your main course.

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Missi Roti

Do healthy justice to this Punjabi speciality by using Multi Millet Mix flour in place of your general flour during preparation

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Other Variants

Give your daily diet a boost through our other variants of