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AASHIRVAAD Gluten Free Flour is the perfect replacement for wheat rotis. This allows people with Gluten intolerance to indulge in their favourite rotis without any fear!


The Gluten-Free Goodness

Celiac Disease: Everything you need to know
Author: Ms. Afreen Sultana, Nutritionist

Celiac disease which also known as ‘gluten - sensitive enteropathy’ or ‘non-tropical ’ or ‘celiac sprue’ is an autoimmune disorder caused by a reaction to gliadin which is a component of gluten.

What is Gluten & What you need to know about it?
Author: Ms. Deepika, Nutritionist

Gluten is a complex protein present in wheat grains. It is a mixture of hundreds of related but distinct proteins. Gluten and related proteins from other cereals are classified as 'prolamins'.

Gluten-Free Diet chart
Author: Ms.Afreen Sultana,Nutritionist

Gluten is a protein complex present in grains such as whole wheat, barley, oats, rye etc. and in grain based products such as biscuits, bread, noodles, pastas and beverages such as barley malt, malt vinegar, beer etc.

Other Variants

Give your daily diet a boost through our other variants of AASHIRVAAD NATURE'S SUPERFOODS

Multi Millet Mix Flour

Ragi Flour