Key Benefits

Aashirvaad Gluten Free Flour is the perfect replacement for wheat rotis.
This allows people with Gluten intolerance to indulge in their favourite rotis without any fear!


Try out our healthy recipes below made with Aashirvaad GLUTEN FREE FLOUR

Spinach Kadhai with Dumplings

Spinach Kadhi Dumplings made using Gluten Free Flour for a more efficient digestion process and a higher fibre content

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Steamed Mooli Kofta

Prepare steamed mooli koftas using Gluten Free Flour and make your regular meal into a super-meal that is laden with micronutrients

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Paneer Tikki in Bhaji

Your favourite Panner Tikki made using Gluten Free Flour that is high in iron which helps in enhanced blood production

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Other Variants

Give your daily diet a boost through our other variants of