Aashirvaad Spices

ITC forayed into the branded spices market with the launch of Aashirvaad Spices in May 2005. The offering currently consists of Chilli, Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander and Premium Mirch powder. Aashirvaad Spices, operating in selected markets of south and east, have spread to a large consumer base and have emerged as a major player in basic spices in these markets.

In March 2016, Aashirvaad added a unique variant to its Spices range with the launch of Premium Mirch Powder in Andhra Pradesh, a state known for its variety of spicy pickles. The Premium Mirch Powder uses the finest of Warangal Bamboo Chillies, which are sourced directly from the farmers and selected by experts to ensure the right aroma, pungency and colour.

aashirvaad spices

Chilli Powder - To bring you Aashirvaad Chilli Powder, we select chilli the traditional way ; they have to be crisp, sun-dried and thoroughly cleaned. To source the chillies, we go directly to the farmers. They are then selected by experts to ensure that you get chilli powder, perfectly balanced in colour & taste.

Coriander Powder - Aashirvaad Coriander Powder is created from the best coriander seeds which are dry, healthy, full and round. Our experts select the best to ensure you get coriander powder that is perfectly balanced in aroma and flavour. To source the coriander we go directly to the farmers.

Turmeric Powder - Aashirvaad Turmeric Powder is prepared from turmeric selected by our experts directly from the farmers. The turmeric is selected the traditional way - it has to be crisp, sun-dried, free of impurities and golden in colour. This process ensures that the turmeric powder has a great flavour and is natural golden in colour.

Premium Mirch Powder - Aashirvaad Premium Mirch Powder is a premium offering from Aashirvaad family of spices. The rich heritage and culture of Andhra Pradesh are reflected in the culinary skills of its people. Pickles are the pride of any Andhra home. Come summer, the abundance of mangoes ensure the start of the pickle making tradition. The hotter the summer, the more fiery the pickle! A typical Andhra meal has lots of chillies and is often accompanied by pickles. Aroma, colour and taste are the critical elements to any pickle and Aashirvaad Premium Mirch Powder provides all these elements.

Cumin Powder - To bring you Aashirvaad Jeera Powder, the jeera seeds are sourced directly from the farmers and have to be golden brown,full and free of moisture and impurities. The seeds are then carefully selected by experts to ensure that you get jeera powder that has preserved its rich aroma, is finely ground and is balanced in colour and texture.